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Here’s What You Get ​When You Join The Challenge:

  • Lifetime access to 25+ expert session videos ($497 Value)
  • ​13+ hours of expert sessions in MP3 format ($57 Value)
  • ​Children's Book Mastery Session Transcripts ($97 Value)
  • ​Children's Book Mastery Action Worksheets ($67 Value)
  • Members-Only VIP Q&A ($97 Value)
  • ​Exclusive Premium Bonuses ($366 Value)
Kindra Kreislers

Gone farther in 21 days than I have in 9 years

Karen's personality is a delight, she kept us going at a good pace, allowed for catch-up days in just the right spots, offered a FB forum to connect participants, and was straight-forward, soothing, and not a sales pitch.

I have gone farther in these 21 days with Karen than I have in 9 years on my own.

Jana Buchmann

Made my dream come true!

Oh, it was so wonderful! I had no idea that I could write something so magical like my manuscript! And when I look back at my notes that were stored on my computer for a long time and compare it with my manuscript, it's amazing what has happened to them! All of this happened because of your wonderful guidance, advice, and encouragement! I can't thank you enough for your course, it was exactly what I needed to make my dream come true!

Don Halquist

Exceedingly well-organized and well-paced

My overall experience was excellent. The course was exceedingly well-organized, well-paced, and offered just the right amount of daily challenge. My interactions with the other participants through Facebook posts and feedback on my draft created a community that held me accountable and motivated and inspired me to keep pushing myself.

Jane Francis


This learning challenge was outstanding for me and worth many more dollars than what you charged. The steps, worksheets and resources were above what I expected. I learned things about myself, such as needing to put away shyness about giving and receiving feedback, and making a schedule to work on a picture book and following through. You are an excellent teacher and know your stuff. Thanks for your patience with some of us who aren't tech savvy!

Ognjen Livada

So much value

I enjoyed very much to be a part of this challenge. Already after first day I was sure I am in right place. I got so much value through information in this 21 day that I will need time to sleep over and put it in practice. Karen is great teacher and it was pleasure to be learn from her.

Even if you publish picture book before, or not, you can get great information.

Lois Powell

Wealth of information

It was well organized and gave a wealth of information that I needed. All of the missions were good. I really was excited to learn how to divide your book for the pages and the pictures. It made putting the story together much easier. I enjoyed all of it. I'd like to thank Karen and how she did the videos. She never made anyone feel that they couldn't do this. She was encouraging.

What is the Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge?

As a picture book writer, you are special. I know you are passionate about creating a fantastic book.

Whether you're brand new to picture book writing, or already a published author, the Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge will help you create your best picture book.

Starting out as a professional illustrator, I eventually entered the world of self-publishing. As an illustrator I focused on picture books and made it my mission to become expert on the subject, including planning, plotting, writing, editing, layout, publishing and marketing.

Throughout my journey in working with self-publishing authors, I have interviewed many world-class children's book and self-publishing experts. I’ve been honored to learn from these top figures in the industry.

Just as they have had an incredible impact on the way I do things, all the knowledge I have gained over the years can help you get your picture book to the next level.

It is my passion to help you move forward on your journey in becoming a successful children's book author. If you are serious about becoming excellent at creating picture books, this challenge is for you!

Let me guide you, step-by-step. This challenge will give you a blueprint and the tools you need to finally make the impact and achieve the level of success you are after.

Here's How the ​Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge Works...

Each day of the ​Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge, you’ll be ​guided through tasks that you’ll need to complete in order to get your ​manuscript done.

You'll ​also connect with others on the same journey, get feedback when you're ready and find an editor and illustrator! (And don't worry, when it's all done correctly and in order, none of this has to be scary.)

​You will get to watch a video every day, guiding you through the steps you need to do. Along with this, the Challenge Workbook and templates acts as your companions to the video trainings (Day 1 through Day 21).

​The workbook​ contains pages ​for ​each day of the challenge.

If you're really serious about successfully​ writing a ​fantastic ​picture book and want to take it to the next level...

If you want ​precise, step-by-step guidance to help you create a wonderful book...

If you want motivation and drive to get your book done...

Then the ​​Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge is for you!

It's a complete no-brainer to ​sign up and get access to ​these game changing ​lessons and tools. 

Altogether ​The Challenge ​Offers $​817 in value. but this is simply monetary value. The real value lies in getting your ​Picture Book done fast and the right way!​

​In Exchange​, You’ll Get:


($497 Value)

​You will get access to one new video mission daily for 21 days. Each video ​mission will guide you through the exact step(s) you need to complete on that day.

And once you complete the 21 video sessions it adds up to something magical: a professional, well-written completed picture book manuscript, fully ready for professional editing and illustrations!

You'll ​have learnt plenty about picture books, self-edited more than once, received feedback, found an editor and illustrator and more.


($95 Value)

​During the Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge, you’ll be given daily tasks to complete to get your picture book done.

The ​workbook acts as your companion to the video ​missions. In​ your workbook​ are pages that correspond with EACH day of the Challenge.

​The workbook ​contains:

• ​Checklists of tasks or reminders ​to be completed that day

• ​​Notes, tips and extra information to help you complete the tasks

•​ Thought-provoking questions ​​to answer to improve your manuscript

• ​Space for ​​notes and brainstorming your ideas​

• The video training links that correspond with each day’s mission

• Any extra links ​you'll need to complete the day’s tasks

​​This is your guide that ​lays out ​all the steps you need to do ​daily, so you have ​all the info and your notes ​together and organized, and can stay on track!

You’ll get ​a digital version of the ​workbook​ and can use it digitally, or print it out if you prefer a physical copy.


($​49 Value)

A​long with the workbook, you will receive special templates.

​These will make creating your picture book ​​more of a plug-and-play experience, rather than an "I'm so confused how to do this!" experience. 

​In the videos and workbook ​you'll receive instructions so you know exactly how to use the templates.


($147 Value)

As you work through the challenge, you can get all your questions answered with three live Q&As with your host, Karen Ferreira.

If you can't attend live, you can send your questions beforehand and she'll still answer them. Then you can watch the replay, so you won't miss out!


($27 Value)

​Connecting with others on the same journey is very valuable. You can learn from their successes and mistakes​ and cheer each other on. Join our exclusive Facebook group for support, to get ​questions answered, share your experiences and more.

​We're even going to use this group to get some steps on the challenge completed!


You save over 9​4% off the full value price when you purchase today!

Join the ​21 Day Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge For Only $​817 $47

​Why Should You Accept The ​Challenge?

1. ​Strategic ​Missions = Goal Achieved!

​​The daily missions have been carefully planned out to be achievable and guide you like a roadmap to one, predictable result: a high-quality picture book!

Don’t waste precious time and money ​on ​trying to figure things out and uncertain results. Your book is too important for guesswork.

This challenge will help you take your writing to the next level and create a picture book you will be proud of!

2. ​Comprehensive Workbook and Templates to Guide You

​We have created a unique, strategic and very actionable step-by-step ​workbook and templates t​o help you ​understand picture books, and plan, write, ​self-edit, get feedback, revise and more.

 ​This challenge is designed to take you by the hand so you can ​create ​your ​best picture book ​and see your vision coming to life--no matter if you're just starting out or have been doing this for a while.

3. ​Get the Motivation and support you need to succeed

​On top of the guidance from the videos and workbook, the challenge is there to motivate you to get your tasks done each day. You don't need to sit on your own and try to figure out and find inspiration to do the next step. You'll be guided and cheered on each day. This means progress!

​You will also have support in the Facebook group from others and Karen. And we are here to answer your questions every step of the way, to ensure you succeed.

A Quick Recap

​here's what you'll ​get when you ​sign up

Exclusive access to all ​the daily missions, ​comprehensive workbook, special templates to help you create you picture book, three live Q&A sessions​ and access to our special Facebook group for ​participants of this challenge

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

  • ​ ​21 daily video missions ​training you on picture books, showing you what to do and guiding you through all the tasks you need to complete each day to complete and polish your picture book​ manuscript​. As well as missions on editing and finding an illustrator. ($497 Value) 
  • ​Access to the Facebook Group: ​​​Connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey, share your experiences and get your questions answered in a group setting. ​You can also find feedback partners here. ($27 Value)
  • ​3 Q&A​ sessions with your host, Karen Ferreira. Ask me anything ​in regards to ​​picture books​, and I'll help highlight key points and important implementation tactics. ($147 Value)
  • ​​Workbook ​to take you step-by-step through each task and have all your work in one place. and templates to create your picture book super easily! ($​97 Value)
  • ​​​Templates ​​designed specifically for this challenge, to create your picture book super easily! ($49 Value)


You save over 9​4% ​off the total value when you purchase today!

​Join the ​21 Day Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge For Only $​817 $47

​The Unlock Your ​Children's Picture Book Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE everything the ​​Unlock Your Children's Picture Book Challenge gives you, that I’m willing to offer you a​ 100% money back guarantee.

Here's how it works...

Sign up for ​the Unlock Your Children's Book Challenge and ​complete the tasks for ​the 21 days.

​Follow along daily, watch all the video sessions and implement what you learn, and if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), then simply send an email to our support team within ​35 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked​. 

​What are you waiting for?

​Join the challenge today so you don't miss out.

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What do I do if I get stuck on a step or have trouble implementing it?

Is the challenge completely online?

Can I access this material on my iPad, iPhone, or Mobile device?

Who is ​the Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge for?

​What is the goal of the Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge?

​What if I only write (or want to write) ​for YA or adults?

What are your payment options?

What’s the return and cancellation policy?

​​Meet your host

Karen Ferreira

​Karen Ferreira is an illustrator, award-winning creative director and owner of GetYourBookIllustrations, where ​self-publishing authors get amazing, affordable illustrations.

She is also the creator and host of the Children’s Book Mastery conference, an online event for ​indie children's book authors to help them with every step from planning, to writing, publishing, promoting and marketing their book and more.

She has spent many hours learning about self-publishing and enjoys helping others succeed in this field.

If you are ready to put in the work, ​she's here to show you the way.

​Join the ​21 Day Unlock Your Picture Book Challenge For Only $​817 $47

I can’t wait to help you​ take action and get your top-class picture book manuscript fully written​ and polished into a beautiful ​book!

- ​Karen Ferreira

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